Gummy Alphabet Character Set™

Letters + Character Traits = Great Wall Decor for Teachers and Kids! These printables feature a colorful 3D letter from our Gummy Alphabet Character Set™ layered with positive character traits, including at least one that... READ MORE

“All Creatures Great and Small”

I pulled this together for a friend’s birthday, assembling the images from the previously posted card set into an 8×10 printable. She decided to take advantage of a special at Sam’s Club this month and print it on a mini-canvas... READ MORE

A Nod to James Herriot

Though these lines originated in a hymn by Cecil F. Alexander, they will forever remind me of James Herriot (James Alfred “Alf” Wight) and his books of the same name(s). It seems appropriate to pair them with... READ MORE

“For each petal on the shamrock…”

Since three of my husband’s grandparents were Irish, St. Patrick’s Day gets a lot of attention in our house. He created three-dimensional images for these cards, and I added the words of this traditional Irish blessing:... READ MORE

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